Orme Square Case Study

Orme Square – Case Study

We were approached by Nick Ross, ex-Crimewatch presenter, and Sarah Caplain, Watchdog founder, to carry out works on Orme Square in Westminster. This is a historic part of London that is directly opposite Kensington Gardens and dates all the way back to the 17th Century, to start in September 2017.

The Project

  • Laying a new resin bound road and pavement
  • Taking great care in a historic and renovated area
  • We were brought in to refurbish a road, pavement and garden area that was shared by 14 properties. We had to ensure that we reused all stone and granite, where possible, to be in keeping with this historic area. We also have to source and supply historic, reclaimed york stone for all of the pavement works.

    Whilst we were completing the work we had to be very careful of some of the property owners own renovations, such as underground cellars that had been converted into swimming pools and a hidden underground vault.

    Our Work

    Waste removal and recycling

    The work was undertaken in stages to ensure that everything ran smoothly and efficiently. The first stage saw us removing all waste materials from the pavements, this included concrete slabs and soil. During this stage of the project we removed 160 tonnes of waste material, the majority of which we were able to recycle.

    SGS Orme Square Pavement Removal

    Laying kerbstones

    The next stage involved us laying 2 meter long, 400kg granite kerbstones to border the road and the pavement. We laid these onto solid concrete foundations to ensure longevity and strong structure. We were then able to dig up and reuse carved stone blocks for use as a border for the shared garden area, build two walls, one dry stone wall at one end and a reclaimed brickwork wall at the opposite end.

    Orme Square Paving

    The historic stone was the next material to be laid – this stone was lifted from the streets of Halifax and then sorted and sent down to us through the pallet network. We laid this in the traditional way, using full mortar beds of sharp sand and cement. This totalled over 600 meters squared with the average slab weighing more than 100kg. All the slabs were pointed with a resin based pointing compound to ensure no cracking or shrinkage.

    Removing old tarmac

    The next stage saw us tackling the existing road, which spanned over 1135 meters squared. We removed the old tarmac surface, installed new drainage, set levels and machine lay new tarmac across the whole area. During this process we used over 120 tonnes of tarmac across only two days. We had to ensure that the tarmacing of the road only took two days as the site had to be mobile within 48 hours.

    Orme Square Tarmac

    Laying the resin

    All of the preparation and paving of this area was done in time for christmas, leaving us only the resin left to lay on the roads. However, due to poor weather conditions we weren’t able to lay the resin until the spring. We managed to complete the resin layer across the whole 1135 meters squared within a 6 day period.

    Orme Square Resin


    Nick Ross, said, “Thank you for a superb job you have done here, I think it’s fair to say that even the sceptics have been impressed by what you and your team achieved.”

    Sarah Caplain, said, “The organisation of you and your team has been impressive, you all worked hard and completed the work to such a high standard. Thank you.”

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